Thank you for visiting filtered version of our travels, we hope you got a little bit inspired and booked your tickets somewhere far away!

The initial idea to start this blog came out of a sudden realisation that things we were experiencing on our journeys were too good to keep only to ourselves. Ever since our first backpacking trip to Iceland 3 years ago, exploring the world has become more than our passion, it became a lifestyle and something we crave for every single day!

Sharing big love to animals, nature and constant search for delicious vegan food, we happened to see some incredible places world has to offer. And it doesn’t matter in what unexpected and random place we managed to end up, we believe we truly mastered to live it in our own unique way.

We hope you will enjoy following us around on our getaways and we wish you to find yourself wondering, ‘so where am I?’ from time to time because that’s the best feeling ever – trust us!